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Why Cotton?

Cotton is by far the most used fiber in making sleepwear. It has all the properties you want in your sleepwear fabric. Cotton is breathable so you sleep better, does not retain odors so you don’t need to wash it as frequently (so the clothes last longer), is low maintenance so that it is easy to wash and care (who has time for dry cleaning?), is soft so that your clothes are not itchy and scratchy or clingy and slingy, has good recovery so that it does not stretch out and above all, it is very affordable and completely natural.


Why Flannel?

Here is an ode to Flannel we wrote to express our love:

O Flannel comfy Flannel
Thou soft warm hug I seek
Through cold and chilly winter nights
When my heating bills do peak


Wash and tumble don’t wear you down
You come out looking so fresh
I feel like slipping into your arms
And into the bed I crash


No toss and turn for me in bed
How well I sleep at night
O Flannel my comfy Flannel
You make my day so bright


Our love for Flannel aside, here are the few reasons you should consider Flannel over Fleece for your sleepwear especially during the chilly nights of the year;

  • Flannel is usually made out of thick yarns, which lends weight and thickness to the fabric that makes it naturally warm and insulating.
  • The soft brushing on both sides of the fabric that creates the micro-fuzz (which is a classic characteristic of Flannel) also creates a layer of air close to the body which is heated by our body heat and acts as an additional layer of insulation.
  • Because of the thick yarns used in the making of Flannel fabric, the garment is naturally durable and can take endless washes and drying tumbles without disintegrating.
  • The more you wear and wash it, the more it feels thick and soft because washing creates a fresh supply of fuzzy fibers on the fabric. It’s like fluffing your pillow.
  • Cotton flannel retains the prints and colors even after multiple washes without bleeding or fading.
  • And last but not the least, Flannel has stood the test of time as the most preferred fabric for sleepwear in winter because of its comfort on the body.


Why Flannel People?

They say that it takes about 3 years to gain proficiency in a new language or learn to play guitar well. It takes around 5 years to get a PhD in a subject. We have been working with Flannel for the last 12 years. That tells you about our level of passion, knowledge and expertise in Flannel. Here we are outlining the process through which we develop our Flannel Sleepwear.

Fashion Design: Every season we start with our industry and trend research on styles, colors, prints that are in vogue with customers. We then develop our collection of Flannel sleepwear.

Technical Design: We make our clothes for real people (not models). For this we make sure we start with the fit specifications for real people. We work with the ASTM standards for clothing sizes. ASTM is an industry leading authority that collects measurements from literally millions of people and develops specifications for various body types. We use that as a starting base and from that we adjust based on the feedback we have received from our customers over the years.

When we receive first sample prototypes from our factory, we schedule an extensive fit analysis session with fit models. We learn and make changes to the specifications until we are satisfied with the fit.

We pay attention to the buttons, stitches, collars, piping, waistband, drawstrings and all the details that go into making a good set of pajamas.


Fabric and print design: We do not buy off the shelf fabric from the market to make our pajamas. Our fabric is designed and developed to our exacting standards of shrinkage control, color fastness, pilling control, weight, softness and brushing. Our print designer then creates beautiful prints and patterns which we test on the actual fabric to make sure the colors and prints come out nice on the pajamas.


Production: We at Flannel People have built deep relationships with factories that enable us to use large scale production capacity with world-class quality and processes to develop our brands. Our factories follow ethical production standards and labor management practices. They work with local workforce and give back to the communities that they operate in.

We have not only built relationships with garment factories but also with factories up and down the value chain. We work directly with the yarn producers so that we get the best quality yarns. We work directly with the weaving and knitting mills. We work directly with printing mills both reactive and digital. We work directly with the accessories suppliers like button makers, zipper makers, labels and tag makers and even packaging suppliers. Understanding the entire value chain and having relationships with each link in the chain has helped us become one of the very few clothing companies in the US that can provide real value to customers.


Logistics: We know the anticipation of waiting for a product to arrive in the mail and the joy we experience when the product is delightful. To make sure our customers do not have to wait long, our warehouse is ready to ship your orders within 1 business day. We do not work with fulfillment or dropship agents. We have our own 20,000 sq ft warehouse and operations center based in Preston WA, right outside of Seattle. We also know how much care and time our customers put in selecting a gift for their loved ones. Our tasteful packaging makes it easy for our customers to give our products as gifts.

We invite you to try our products. We are confident that you will like them.


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